Restorative Health Program

Do you have a specific health ailment that remains unresolved?

Some of the common infirmities include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive issues, bone/tissue repair, and female-specific concerns. If you experience any of these or other health issues, this is the program for you! Like the Clinical Health Program this program includes a total body health analysis that provides you with insight as to how to support your body’s needs and how to resolve specific health concerns. A dietary program along with appropriate whole food supplementation is personally designed and specific to the individual.

Who is best suited for this? 

Anyone that has any sort of unresolved ailment, sickness, or disorder. Many of the common illnesses include but are not limited to:  menopause symptoms, low energy, GI issues, broken bones, torn tendons, pre or post surgery concerns, hypertension, colitis, gastritis, fibromyalgia. 

What can I expect as a result?

The goal of any nutrition and health program will be to completely alleviate an illness. There is no quick fix but we do believe that over time you’ll see noticeable, if not immense, differences in your symptoms.


The length of the Restorative Health Program varies based on severity, history, current condition of the illness(es) being treated.  Some clients report improvements within the first few weeks while others report their improvements a few months into treatment.  At a minimum, we will work closely together for the first four weeks and continue as you feel is necessary. 


The cost of the Restorative Health Program is $75 for the initial consultation and $55 dollars for each meeting after that.  Recommended supplements are an additional cost.