Clinical Nutrition Program

The Clinical Nutrition Program is designed and customized specifically for you.

This program includes a total body health analysis and provides you with educational information on how to support your body’s needs. I take my education and understanding of nutrition and whole foods and combine it with your personality, your needs and goals to create a plan that is sustainable and that ultimately leads to success. Included in this program is a personalized nutrition plan, recipes, weekly meetings with me, and a “field trip” to the grocery store where I will give you the insight needed to shop for your nutrition needs.

Who is best suited for this? 

This program is best for individuals who are self motivated and disciplined but don’t really know what is best to eat. The plan has fewer boundaries and thus there is more room to possibly wander. While I am always available to answer questions and support you, you are primarily the one making decisions as to exactly what you’re going to eat day to day. 

What can one expect as a result?

The benefits of the Clinical Nutrition Program are similar to the Purification Program.
The goal is to create a new, healthier reality to your diet that will lead to:

  1. Greater control over food choices
  2. Weight loss
  3. Clearer and brighter skin
  4. Deeper and better sleep
  5. Improved mood
  6. Eliminated cravings for caffeine and sugar
  7. More energy
  8. Improved digestion
  9. Fewer headaches and body pains
  10. Reduced blood pressure


There is a great deal of flexibility in the length of the program. Having said this, it is necessary that each client commits to meeting with me for at least four consecutive weeks to build the new reality. Remember that it takes time, to break the old habits and build new ones. Additionally, you will inevitably have questions, concerns, doubts, or simply need a pep talk to keep working toward your goals. 


The cost of the Clinical Nutrition Program is $75 for the initial consultation and $55 dollars for each meeting after that.  Recommended supplements are an additional cost.