There is no perfect program for all people. For that exact reason I know that my personal, adaptable, and flexible approach is perfect for each individual. 


There are three categories of programs I offer: 

  1. Purification Program

  2. Clinical Nutrition Program

  3. Restorative Health Program


Many clients start with one program and then end up working through one or both of the others. All programs are at least 3-4 weeks in length as that is the minimum amount of time needed to break old habits while building new ones. It will be in your initial consultation session that you and I decide together which will be best to meet your personality and goals. In the mean time, please visit the web page for each program, to get an idea of what may be best for you.

Purification Program

The Purification Program is a 21-day reset of your digestive track and thus the whole health of your body.  Included are all necessary whole food supplements, a printed patient guide with full instructions, grocery list, recipes, daily informational emails created to support you and also includes a daily recipe, weekly meetings with me, and a “field trip” to the grocery store where I will give you the insight needed to shop for your nutrition needs. I am with you every step of the way and when the 21 days are over my goal is to have prepared you to be confident in your new nutrition life. 

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Clinical Nutrition Program

The Clinical Nutrition Program is designed and customized specifically for you. This program includes a total body health analysis and provides you with educational information on how to support your body’s needs. I take my education and understanding of nutrition and whole foods and combine it with your personality, your needs, your and goals to create a plan that is sustainable and that ultimately leads to success. Included in this program is a personalized nutrition plan, recipes, informational emails, weekly meetings with me, and a “field trip” to the grocery store where I will give you the insight needed to shop for your nutrition needs.

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Restorative Health Program

Do you have a specific health ailment that remains unresolved?  Some of the common infirmities include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive issues, bone/tissue repair, and female-specific concerns.  If you experience any of this, this is the program for you!  Like the Clinical Health Program this program includes a total body health analysis that provides you with insight as to how to support your body’s needs and also how to resolve specific health concerns.  A dietary program along with appropriate whole food supplementation is personally designed and specific to the individual. 

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