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Tips to Get Motivated and Lose Weight

04-03-2013 Heather's Blog 0

The change of seasons is upon us, which often means a slower exercise pace and an increase in holiday parties and food intake. This is a recipe for disaster for ...

Emotional Eating: Helpful Tips

03-23-2013 Heather's Blog 0

Sometimes the strongest cravings for food happen when you're at your weakest point emotionally. You may turn to food for comfort—consciously or unconsciously—when you're facing a ...

How to survive the holiday stress

12-20-2012 Heather's Blog 0
The holiday season can a time of heightened stress for many people. Below are some tips on how to survive and prioritize:
  1. Watch the numbers: This means striving to get ...

Healthy Holiday Tips

12-10-2012 Heather's Blog 0
As we continue our countdown of 2012, most of us are still attending numerous holiday parties and events. How can we avoid the historic 8 pound weight gain this holiday ...

What is gluten and should I avoid it?

10-30-2012 Heather's Blog 0

Foods with a "gluten-free" claim are a big—and growing—business these days. But if you've watched the whirlwind of gluten-free marketing unfold without fully understanding what gluten actually ...