GMO's - what are they and why should we be concerned?

04-13-2013 0

You may have heard the term before - GMO or Genetically Modified Organism. It seems to be popping up everywhere from political statements to farmers markets, grocery stores and beyond. Is ...

Tips to Get Motivated and Lose Weight

04-03-2013 Heather's Blog 0

The change of seasons is upon us, which often means a slower exercise pace and an increase in holiday parties and food intake. This is a recipe for disaster for ...

Banana Ice Cream with Almonds

03-30-2013 0

Easy, simple, healthy and delicious dessert


Tex Mex Black Bean Dip

03-30-2013 0

Excite your tastes buds with this dip

Easy Dressing

03-30-2013 Heather's Recipes 0

Bring your salad to life!

2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

Honey Lime Dressing

03-30-2013 Heather's Free Recipes 0

Citrus and sweet

¼ cup fresh lime juice