Read some testimonials from our happy clients:


“The level of service provided by Heather was fantastic. As a new customer, I was impressed by her professionalism and availability. Thank you!”

—Susan D. from San Diego

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Heather was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Having a custom designed nutrition program was exactly what I needed to reach my goals. Keep up the good work!”

—Bob K. from Coronado

"Why would I do the Purification Program? The benefits outweigh the momentary satisfaction of eating a bowl of GrapeNuts. I say GrapeNuts as wheat is one thing I will not be re-introducing to my diet for a very specific reason—the relief of my perpetual tendonitis. I have been educated in how wheat is processed in my body. Its not only the relief of tendonitis, it is hearing my chiropractor tell me that my spine is healthier and responds to treatment better; its my husband telling me how healthy I look when he hadn’t seen me for 6 weeks; it’s the increase of sustain energy that gets me through my day even when I teach 3 hours of physical fitness classes.

Was it hard? Absolutely! Was it worth it? Absolutely!!!"

—Cindy W. from Coronado, December 2012

“Working with Heather is the best decision I have made for my health long-term. Over the past 6 weeks she has equipped me with the knowledge I need to buy healthy whole foods and prepare easy and delicious meals. With her guidance and support I have lost over 20 pounds and I feel great!”

—Jacques S. from Coronado, December 2012

"I loved Heather's personal program that she put together for me. It's the first time I have achieved tremendous results thru nutrition. With her supportive, caring, humorous and no nonsense approach she's helped me make lifestyle changes without feeling like I'm missing out or giving up anything!"

—Diane A.

“After feeling the effects of age, stress, excess weight, and did I say stress, etc.. etc... I sought the assistance of Heather Gregory. I had been told by medical doctors for years and more recently during the past 6 months that I would be unable to stop taking medication for acute stomach gastritis. I was under medical supervision regarding this condition for over 4 years and if went un-managed by prescription medicine for over 2 days would result in my being bed ridden with acute pain and discomfort. After my initial meeting with Heather, I knew I... (we) could prove the doctors wrong!!! After 4 days of beginning a 21 day detox/ cleanse and supplements recommended by Heather, I was literally a new person. I have now been completely off "meds" for the first time in more than 4 years. Although the cleanse / detox was not easy, it was so worth it and the results are amazing. After day 6 it became easier and easier. I appreciated the guidance from Heather. She was there when I needed to run questions by her, and gave me the support I needed—I could not have done it without her! I look forward to becoming healthier, happier and more confident with Heather's support and knowledge of the human body. I WILL do the cleanse again—and look forward to it. Thanks Heather— you are the best!”

—Vince, January 2013