About Heather Gregory Nutrition

My purpose at Heather Gregory Nutrition is to guide and educate you on how to reach your own personal health and wellness goals.

Two keys to this end are that (1) I understand that you are an individual who is uniquely made and thus has distinct needs and (2) I am always alongside you in each step of your new journey toward total health.  

Your Own, Personalized Nutrition Program 

No two people are exactly alike. Individual nutritional requirements will vary with age, health history, genetics, gender, metabolic type, and other environmental factors. I utilize a sophisticated system that allows us to obtain detailed information on your personal health concerns and then create a program that is specific to your needs. There are some things that are good for everyone, such as whole foods, but the reality is that you need a plan that works for you. In short, I am here to develop the right, personalized program that works for your health needs and goals.  


Having Help Along The Way

Anything we embark on by ourselves is sure to be a great struggle. Not many people can get very far completely on their own. This is especially true for health and nutrition, which is why I’m here! I am committed to providing high-quality service that is consistent, flexible and available.  I’m with you from the beginning of choosing a program, to tweaking your program as it progresses, to successful completion, which is really just the beginning. Allow me to assist you on your personal journey!